Our clients conduct direct marketing campaigns, which include contracting Merrehill to deliver messages by email, either to their own mailing list, such as of their customers, or to a business directory maintained by Merrehill for the purpose of generating new business by offering their products and services to businesses with whom they do not yet have a relationship.

If you are a recipient in a prospective email marketing campaign using such a directory, your personal data may be processed by Merrehill as part of the business directory record, for example your name may appear in the record, or may be part of your email address. If your personal data are held by Merrehill, we will only pass on information you provide in a reply or form submission, when you want to engage the client, such as to request a quote.

Although prospective campaigns are sent on behalf of our client, Merrehill does not provide the client with the directory or details of recipients, including their personal data. If a different person than the recipient replies, or the recipient has forwarded the marketing message to a colleague, any personal data received in a reply or form submission may relate to a different person. As such, Merrehill will only pass that information on to the client, not the original directory record.

Merrehill also uses carefully selected data processors to perform specific tasks under contract, and may transfer directory records to those companies so that they can carry out Merrehill's instructions, however, they cannot lawfully use that information in any other way and are required to return or erase it at the end of the relationship or upon request by Merrehill.