Most of the email marketing campaigns run by Merrehill on behalf of our clients include both an initial send and a follow-up send. The follow-up is the original email, forwarded to the original recipient, with an additional message from our client, often asking whether the person received or had a chance to read the earlier email. Follow-up emails are only sent to those to whom the original message was successfully delivered, however a successful delivery does not necessarily mean that the message landed in the person's inbox, or that they saw it. Promotional emails may be filtered to another folder, subject to rules on the mail server or in email client software, and/or accidentally deleted. For this reason, it sometimes occurs that the follow-up email is the first message a recipient sees in a given campaign.

Merrehill does not send follow-up emails presumptively to recipients to whom the original message from an initial send was not successfully delivered, as we consider this to be dishonest where our client's message may include reference to a prior email we know the recipient did not receive.